FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Answer: Online, Just click here!

Answer: Our jewellery is high quality. Worn under normal conditions, the jewellery can be enjoyed for many years. We feel confident about the relationship between price and quality. We grant a one-year guarantee for manufacturing defects and money back option within seven days of delivery. We also ensure a generous after-sale/customer service.

Answer: Quite simply by washing it in the light lukewarm soapsuds with a tooth brush and drying it with a soft chlorine free cloth. Naturally, cleaning it with the special Jennifer Lovey jewellery cleaning cloth is even better.

Answer: Avoid contact with perfume and aggressive, acidic detergents, chemical products and salt water.

Answer: Jennifer Lovey gives you a one-year quality guarantee on all jewellery.

Answer: The jewellery is made of different materials, actually different metal compounds. The jewellery is gold plated or coated with Palladium or Rhodium (white) in a thick layer. The plating workshop is in Switzerland.

Answer: Brass or an alloy of copper and tin. The resulting compound is very long lasting.

Answer: Yes, the gold plating is thick and long lasting. This procedure allows us to provide a 12-month guarantee. Careful handling of the jewellery is essential.

Answer: This is palladium or rhodium, anti-allergic metals from the platinum family.

Answer: The white parts of the jewellery are covered with lacquer, and the pieces are finally immersed in a gold bath. Then the lacquer is removed. A procedure demanding precise handwork skills that is very time-consuming.

Answer: Titan and an anti-allergic material (gold filled).

Answer: All the stones are synthetic.

Answer: Of high quality polished glass and matching the colours of real precious stones.

Answer: Some of them are made of lead crystal. They are polished on a diamond plate. The use of very small stones illuminates them. Each stone is set by hand, exactly as is the case with real diamonds. The other ones are cubic zirconias, the stone that resembles a diamond. Many rings are set with cubic zirconias. This is  the best and the most beautiful diamond imitation. Cubic zirconia is the best and closest replica of a diamond. Even experts can see the difference only under the microscope.

Answer: Many are Mallorca pearls. There is a small glass ball inside the pearl that is applied with different mother-of-pearl layers. The pearls are polished after each refinement and this makes them look like a real pearl. Some of the jewellery designs are set with fresh water pearls.

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